Software Support Engineer

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JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS

Job Description

Software Support Engineer
at Lessonly
Indianapolis, IN
We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we challenge ourselves, we do what is right, we share before we are ready, we have difficult conversations, we critique in love, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall… we love and live by our culture.

This is a vital position that will help continue shaping the direction of the technical services team. We want to enable those on our team to pursue their passions. The best candidate for this job is one that loves solving problems. Someone that thrives off of the dopamine hit that comes from solving a mystery for a Lessonly customer success rep, or making a small fix that had a big impact on the day-to-day life of our customers.

The ideal person for this role might have a year or two of engineering experience and a strong desire to work in customer support. Or you might have a background in customer support or testing and be looking to break into software engineering. If your story sounds like one of these or something in between, let's talk!

Software Support Engineers serve primarily to address technical issues relating to software implementation, function, and upgrades. They resolve customer complaints or problems and create product problem reports and troubleshooting documents for each issue. Software Support Engineers also work closely with development squads to identify and resolve any technical problems that might arise during the development of software. To succeed as a Software Support Engineer, you must demonstrate strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. You will also need to exercise strong communication, organizational and customer service skills. Attention to detail is also a requirement for Software Support Engineers. The ability to work in teams, as well as independently, is important in this profession. In addition to these important skills, it is imperative that Software Support Engineers are able to do the following:

Address customer concerns and issues regarding software installation and operation.
Document complaint reports and troubleshooting steps.
Assist software developers to resolve technical issues during the software development process.
Oversee and follow-up on open customer issues.
Develop relationships through professional, dependable and accurate interactions.
Manage resolution paths’ knowledge base and known issues.
Offer proactive communication with clients, customer experience managers, and product owners.
Roles & Responsibilities
Technical Investigation (40-60%)
We write code to solve real problems for real people. Sometimes the software doesn’t work as expected, and the technical investigator role is here to help. The technical investigation may include technical skills such as looking at logs, traversing the code itself, or even setting up data in a local environment to reproduce a situation. It will also require the ability to communicate technical concepts to our customer success team and even sometimes directly with customers.
Every engineer at Lessonly is accountable for supporting the application, however, this particular job will have an escalated level of responsibility. This particular job will take on tier-2 escalated issues that come from tier-1 customer support.

Technical Implementation (10-20%)
The Lessonly services team partners with the technical services team to get our customers to value as quickly and easily as possible. Technical implementation will include setting up user management via integration or sFTP file handling, setting up SSO, and sometimes setting up a custom stylesheet for specific customers.

Backend Engineering (20-30%)
Backend engineering at Lessonly includes the following server-side tech stack; Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Algolia, Redis, Memcached, and whatever comes next.
This job requires some coding education or experience, combined with a demonstrated desire to mature into a professional software engineer.
This will include the ability to eventually write code according to our Ruby style guide and Rails style guide which will include fixing bugs, authoring and modifying gems, as well as authoring and modifying core and supporting application functionality.

Code Reviewer (10-20%)
A strong peer review culture is incredibly important to us. Everyone strives to improve every day, and the code review process is vital to this goal.

Front End Engineering (0-10%)
Front end engineering at Lessonly includes the following client-side tech stack; (S)CSS (our CSS Style Guide), JavaScript (our JavaScript style guide), React and Redux (our React style guide).
This set of responsibilities is not a required for this job, however, if you’d consider yourself full-stack or aspire to be, this job could have that opportunity.
Critical Abilities
Bilingualism (business and technical)
As demonstrated by being able to translate the non-technical business needs into a clear technical action plan and vice versa, seamlessly.

Promises delivered
As demonstrated by being known for the ability to make an estimate, establish a deadline collaboratively, and hit that mark.

Producing value, not work
As demonstrated by being known for asking clarifying questions about the intended impact of the work, weighing options, and devising creative solutions to complex problems.

Showing progress via iteration
As demonstrated by being known for taking a big problem and decomposing it into shippable chunks that can ensure all parties are aligned on the outcome.
Beneficial Abilities
Server-side tech (ruby on rails)
As demonstrated by having written production-quality APIs, controller-level code, and/or application business logic services.
Integration tech
As demonstrated by having written production-quality integrations that involve JSON, XML, and open protocols such as SAML or xAPI.

Nice-to-have Abilities
Web-presentation tech (client-side engineering)
As demonstrated by having written production-quality HTML, (S)CSS, and basic JavaScript.

Web-logic tech (client-side engineering)
As demonstrated by having written production-quality advanced JavaScript (react and redux)
Lessonly benefits to help you do better work and live a better life:

Health insurance—dental, medical, and life. We help you stay covered.
Competitive pay, a 401k plan, and equity. Money matters and we like to think about the ways you can win as we win.
Tech Stipend. Helping you with the tech gear you need for the things you do.
Unlimited paid time off. Keeping this benefit simple so it’s simple for you to use it when you want to use it.
Parental leave. Because we think it's important to spend time with your new family.
Drinks and snacks. What’s your favorite LaCroix flavor?
Yoga, Nintendo, and Pop-a-Shot.
Free parking with downtown Indianapolis office.

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February 25, 2019