Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

LessonlyIT & Cybersecurity 6-8 Years

Job Description

We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team, we put learners first. We share before we are ready, ask clarifying questions, highlight what's working, have difficult conversations, get agreements, and make time for life.

Lessonly is looking for a Senior Site Reliability Engineer to help build and manage our architecture and automated processes. We are hiring a Senior SRE dedicated to analyzing and improving the performance of our software, automating our processes, improving our application security, and working on the application architecture. We need someone who can work in the software and has a penchant for hosting and infrastructure.

Candidates for this role will be most successful if they desire to grow in our entire stack but specialize immediately in the back end and infrastructure. Specifically, a love for Ruby on Rails, AWS, Azure, and automation will take you a long way!

Roles & Responsibilities
Software Engineer (40-50%)
Experience building web applications in Ruby on Rails.
Design and build tools to connect data from various environments for analysis and control.
Implement changes to web software in service of improving performance, security, and reliability.
Review pull requests by other software engineers, especially regarding performance, security, and reliability, keeping in mind that we prefer to critique with empathy.
Have a key role in designing and implementing architectural practices supporting current and future company objectives.
Work closely with developers to provide insight into operational, security, and performance considerations.

Automation Engineer (30-40%)
Build and maintain tools to automate internal processes relating to deployment and testing.
Establish, maintain, and evolve robust CI/CD pipelines.

Infrastructure Engineer (10-20%)
Build, scale, and secure critical applications on multiple cloud-native architectures using tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker
Experience managing SaaS infrastructure using Kubernetes and Terraform.
Experience monitoring web environments using Datadog, Grafana, Kibana, or similar tools.
Ability to quickly assess and remediate infrastructure, database, and software issues affecting live environments.
Experience tuning and maintaining PostgreSQL databases.
Participate in an on-call rotation to triage and analyze abnormalities in system operation.

Posted On

October 20, 2021