Technical Lead

LessonlyProduct Development 9+ Years


JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL

Job Description

We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we share before we are ready, we ask clarifying questions, we highlight what’s working, we have difficult conversations, we get agreements, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall…we love and live by our culture.

A Technical Lead at Lessonly is chiefly responsible for leading the technical direction of a squad. This involves establishing a technical vision, resolving technical disagreements, and managing the technical quality of team deliverables (source). A person in this role has a strong technical background in both the frontend and backend aspects of an application. Tech leads at Lessonly are master communicators and collaborators, able to interface with product managers, designers, architects, QA, reliability engineers, and tech leads on other squads.

Tech leads at Lessonly are responsible for working closely with a product manager to determine the high-level feasibility and cost of features and product changes. The tech lead serves as the subject-matter expert for all things related to their product to the product manager, other engineers, designers, QA, and tech leads on other squads. Additionally, tech leads serve as agile coaches for their squads, helping estimate tasks, break-down work into smaller pieces, and remove blockers that prevent the team hitting their commitments.

What to expect in this role?

A tech lead at Lessonly IS:
Mentoring, reviewing code, and generally helping their fellow engineers. (We expect this from all engineers)
The person most-responsible when it comes to technical issues or decisions on a squad.
Writing code everyday that makes the product better
Working closely with the product managers and designers to innovate and discover awesome solutions.
Providing high-level cost and time estimates for solutions.
Working with the engineers on a squad to come up with refined estimates the closer we get to build and delivery.

A tech lead at Lessonly IS NOT:
Managing the engineers on their squad or conducting 1:1s.
The sole person consulted for squad related decisions. They may have the biggest say or strongest opinion, but other engineers count.
The only person estimating work. This is still a squad function, but with their oversight.

Posted On

June 4, 2021