DevOps Engineer

Luther Consulting, LLCIT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description

Luther Consulting, LLC is a Carmel, IN based company, founded in 1998, that provides Software-as-a-Service products for public health departments. We work primarily in the area of data collection and reporting for communicable diseases. We have several software-as-a-service products. Our customers include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state health departments, and various other social service and public health entities.

We are currently migrating our SaaS products (built with SQL Server Enterprise, React and NodeJS) from our own operations center to AWS. Post-COVID we decided to remain a 100% virtual office workforce, so we are also migrating our internal systems to AzureAD and Office 365.

We have a position open for a DevOps Engineer to assist with migrating and maintaining these new environments.


We are seeking an individual to assist us in the following areas:

IT Services

Assist in digital migration activities including in office (Microsoft 365) and server (AWS) systems
Install, test, and document security patches
Preserve assets by implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures and information security and control structures
Set up and configure production and corporate computers/servers until all migration is complete
Support legacy systems (Windows, *nix, VMWare, etc.) and applications during migration

Constantly look for ways to automate and improve development and release processes
Create scripts and routines as needed for enhancing and automating administrative applications monitoring and management
Create scripts that automate routine tasks
Utilize tools that allow consistent application of settings (e.g. IaaS)

Internal Support
Provide technical support to systems administrators, database administrators, and network engineers as necessary to resolve problems.
Monitor the performance of systems, services, and the network


Bachelors or better in Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields preferred
Security certification (Security+, CEH, etc…) a plus
Understanding of VMWare, AWS, Office 365, Ansible, Bash, Powershell, Cisco, a plus

Non-Technical Skills / Characteristics

Ability to communicate with internal and external customers and vendors who have varying levels of IT services, including software development, quality assurance, technical support, training, and management
Manage work on multiple concurrent projects
Understanding of general IT security protocols.
Any IT Security Experience in a government setting is a plus.
Understanding Kubernetes

To apply: Send a résumé to and tell us what you have to offer.

About Us
We offer a very flexible work environment both in terms of roles and schedules. Our staff members work very hard, but our goal is to keep work and life balanced. Luther Consulting employees tell us they love working here because of this environment. Child home because schools are closed today? Water heater flooded your basement? Need to take your grandmother to the doctor or dog to the vet? Hey, it's life. We get it - go take care of it. It's not PTO and it's not vacation. Most recently, we decided to maximize flexibility by moving to a 100% virtual work environment. We do get together on occasion - but it’s usually for fun when we do.

Our team members must be able to work independently, ask for help from colleagues when they need it, and volunteer to help when they see that a job needs to be done. Our style is more of a family-owned business where we all look out for one another and try to do some good in the world, rather than a place where we only do the minimum necessary or focus on pleasing shareholders or venture capitalists. It is unusual to work more than 40 hours per week, and when we do it’s because of a large update or similar project.

Our full-time positions include competitive salary (commensurate with experience) and full benefits.

Mission Statement
Luther Consulting, LLC is committed to helping build a better society for present and future generations. Our mission is to improve the human condition through program evaluation research. We conduct research for projects that address the issues of HIV infection and prevention, drug use and abuse, homelessness, as well as social justice for youth, the economically disadvantaged, gay and lesbian people, and underrepresented populations.

We use program research results to help policymakers and practitioners make well-informed policy and program decisions that will improve educational outcomes, increase economic opportunities, and ensure justice for all people. We want to effect positive changes in our society and in our world, especially for low-income, low-achieving, and underrepresented populations.

Posted On

August 23, 2022