Staff Analytical Scientist

Novilytic, LLCProduct Development 3-5 Years


Job does not require specific languages

Job Description

The Staff Analytical Scientist is a keystone position within Novilytic. Novilytic develops various analytical tools for complex biological extracts. A variety of qualitative and quantitative chromatographic (LC) and mass spectral (MS) analyses are the key underpinning of these analytical tools.

The Staff Analytical Scientist will be part of a team involved in sample preparation, method development, data analysis and instrument development. The scientist will perform assessment of pharmaceuticals, metabolites, and proteins in biological extracts using liquid chromatographic (LC) and mass spectral (MS) analysis methods and data analysis. This individual will independently handle duties including ordering the requisite supplies for their work, assisting in the maintenance of the laboratory and equipment being used, establish and maintain reports on their research findings, and produce presentations for participation in team meetings.

Posted On

November 19, 2020