DevOps & SecOps Engineer

LumavateIT & Cybersecurity 6-8 Years

Job Description

As the leading platform for delivering progressive web apps (PWAs), Lumavate allows enterprise organizations to quickly and efficiently create mobile experiences that are easily accessible without the download of a native mobile app.

We are a growing company looking for a DevOps & SecOps Engineer to join our Product Team and start contributing to our organization immediately. If you are currently part of a team and are looking for an opportunity to lead DevOps we are interested in talking with you.

About the Position
The DevOps & SecOps Engineer will be responsible for developing and maintaining tools, frameworks and internal applications that support our continuous integration processes. Here are some of the position expectations.

• Administer Okta single sign on for Lumavate personnel
• Review Sophos dashboard, people, and device status and take any necessary corrective and preventive actions
• Review Threat Stack Daily Vulnerability and Daily Rule Alert reports and take any necessary corrective and preventive actions
• Respond to and deal with IT and cyber security events
• Check NH-ISAC web site to identify and respond to current or emerging vulnerabilities
• Review patches distributed for software in our tech stack and our business systems; prepare for, test and deploy appropriate patches using Terraform
• Review AWS performance dashboards for active experiences; identify experiences needing performance tuning and bring them to the attention of the CTO
• Prepare and distribute penetration tests; identify penetration test failures and coach and counsel with employees
• Participate in meetings with Threat Stack to stay on top of AWS cloud security and monitoring
• Facilitate business continuity/disaster recovery exercises
• Review operations to identify opportunities for improvement; report to CEO, CPO, CTO and CSO on improvements needed
Based on customer/business need
• Run Veracode scans following each major platform build; produce necessary reports and review them with CTO and others; assure appropriate follow up actions are taken
• Support disaster recovery tests run by customers who operate Lumavate in a private cloud
• Maintain and enhance current Terraform and Ansible scripts to more effectively deploy, upgrade and monitor our private clouds

By Project
• Deploy Lumavate platform in customer private clouds

Experience Needed
At least five years of progressive experience in computer engineering, devops and secops

Technical Skills Strongly Preferred
• Terraform
• Ansible
• Python
• Packer
• Docker

Posted On

May 6, 2019