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Senior Recruiter

M2N | Minority Moves NetworkHR & Office Administration 3-5 Years

Company Information

13211 Griffin Run , Carmel, IN 46033
Founded in 2020

Job Description

The Recruiter is responsible for researching, developing, and implementing effective recruiting and staffing strategies to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates to be placed with M2N’s corporate clients’ open positions. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: sourcing, screening, and prepping candidates; reviewing resumes and generating M2N branded resumes (Resume 2.0); scheduling candidate interviews; conducting post-interview recap calls; and managing the M2N recruiting CRM. This role is full-time (40 hrs. per week) and will report to the Vice President of Operations.


• Minimum of (1) pre-screen call with each M2N candidate prior to submission
• Draft Resume 2.0 for each qualified candidate
• Effective communication with BDR and CSM
• Manage M2N’s recruiting CRM (Crelate)


• Develops, facilitates, and implements all phases of the recruitment process.
• Collaborates with BDR to obtain job descriptions and hiring criteria.
• Identifies and implements efficient and effective recruiting methods and strategies based on the open placement(s), industry standards, and the needs of the M2N corporate client(s).
• Utilizes knowledge of multiple recruiting sources to find candidates.
• Assists with job postings and advertisement processes as directed by the Vice President of Operations.
• Screens initial resumes and selects qualified candidates for each open placement.
• Conducts a pre-screen call to qualify each candidate and confirm their M2N Beta sign up.
• Constructs a M2N Resume 2.0 for each qualified candidate.
• Assists in scheduling interviews, oversees candidate preparation of interview questions, and other hiring and selection materials.
• Manages the M2N recruiting CRM (Crelate) to ensure candidate profiles, interviews, communication, and workflows are transparent and organized.
• Collaborates with the Vice President of Operations during the offer process, identifying and recommending salary ranges, incentives, start dates, and other pertinent details.
• Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations and company policies.
• Attends and participates in job fairs and recruiting sessions.


• $130K+ OTE; $300K+ stretch/bonues
• Health insurance (with dental and vision), life insurance, unlimited time off, and equipment
• Promotion potential: Yes

Posted On

September 20, 2022