Systems Administrator

Msd Of Lawrence TownshipIT & Cybersecurity 6-8 Years

Job Description

The Systems Administrator manages and tunes the District’s server and network
infrastructure to ensure the stability, integrity, security, high availability and
efficient operation of in-house information systems, services and applications.
This includes planning, installing, configuring, monitoring, maintaining,
supporting, and optimizing all network hardware, server software and
communication links, as well as overseeing the physical safety and security of
core computing equipment. The Systems Administrator also participates in the
planning and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure network and
system provisioning and maintenance aligns with company goals, industry best
practices, and regulatory requirements. This individual applies proven
communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to resolve end user
problems in a timely and accurate fashion, and to maximize IT investments.

Posted On

March 31, 2021