Product Manager

myCOIProduct Development 6-8 Years


Job does not require specific languages

Job Description

The Product Manager/Product Owner must be a problem-solver focused on understanding and translating operational business practices into working solutions via an Agile SDL/Software Development Lifecycle and helping myCOI achieve our desired business outcomes.  As the product lead, the Product Manager is responsible for:
• Understanding resources invested into the product and work to maximize value delivery for the customers and ROI for the company.
• Understanding, prioritizing, and defining the customer and business needs, while working as a member of an agile development team to deliver the product.
• Developing and leading Go-To-Market campaigns to achieve the desired adoption, customer value delivery and business outcomes for myCOI.
• Define and communicate a vision of the market needs today for the upcoming 3 years.
• Provides the leadership to resolve any impediment in SDL, Hosting, Support, Marketing, Training & Sales which prevents the achievement of desired outcomes.
The Product Manager has a detailed working knowledge of how users do their jobs and creates user stories and functional specifications to support user processes. The Product Manager is ultimately responsible for product functionality and usability and works closely with engineers and usability experts to maximize both. Candidates are expected to rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish a variety of complicated tasks and goals.  A wide degree of technical proficiency, creativity, and latitude is expected.

Posted On

June 22, 2021