Software Developer

NewfieldsIT & Cybersecurity 0-2 Years

Job Description

Newfields seeks a talented Software Developer to work as part of the Newfields Lab ( We are a group of designers, developers, and digital strategists who create technology solutions for Newfields. We engage audiences in immersive experiences through technology by developing new ways for people to interact with art, nature, their environment, and one another.

The Newfields Lab serves as the in-house development team for Newfields. We specialize in online, in-gallery, and outdoor interactives, digital publishing (including web development), data analytics, online collections, data and systems integrations.

We are currently looking for a full stack software developer with a breadth of experience that includes modern front-end development web tools as well as comfort with database modeling and API creation and consumption. We often will handle unique requests to solve the diverse requirements of a cultural institution, and therefore, a self-starter that enjoys new technologies is always welcome.

Posted On

January 27, 2020