SQL Server DBA

Novelty Inc.Product Development 3-5 Years



Job Description

Novelty, Inc. is a multi-channel product development company that designs high impulse items and sells them directly to our customers. Novelty prides itself on developing the coolest merchandise and then building sales models that help retailers market the product.

We are currently seeking a SQL Database Administrator to join our team. This position will be responsible for managing data from multiple sources, creating and modifying reports, working with back end data processes with our Infor SX.e ERP system, working with our EDI infrastructure, and assisting with website data flows.
Primary responsibilities:
- Administer Novelty’s business line databases
- Create and maintain database security, integrity, and performance
- Work with Network Administrator to back-up, restore databases, or resolve any database system issues
- Manage, monitor, and resolve issues with Scheduled Jobs, Database Mail, and other back end system data flows
- Build and modify business reports (SSRS)
- Work to consolidate and modernize current database systems
- Heavy work with Novelty line of business application databases
- Heavy work with Novelty ERP systems and ERP system databases

Knowledge and skill requirements:
- Bachelor’s degree (in Information Systems preferred) or equivalent experience
- 2-4 Years’ experience in a Database Administrator role
- Strong Microsoft SQL skills
- SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
- Experience with ERP systems and moving data between ERP and business applications
- Experience with EDI systems
- Detect, isolate, and resolve database system problems
- Understand principles and practices of applications
- Knowledge of software troubleshooting
- Experience with dashboarding or business intelligence is a plus

Posted On

November 6, 2019