Software Engineer III

OnBoardProduct Development 6-8 Years



Job Description

Our Engineering team is growing!  We are a team of many disciplines, coming together to make a great product!  Our practices are agile, and we’re highly collaborative.  We build, integrate and continuously refine our work to bring the most value to our users.  Microsoft Azure is our hosting platform of choice and we serve from locations around the globe.  Ease of access is paramount, and we provide pathways to our product through web, iOS and Android.  Together, we own our code, our quality and operations as one team!  We enjoy our journey daily through learning, professional challenge and tireless improvement.  For us, being the best is the only answer.  We hope you feel the same.
We are looking for a Developer with strong C# and .NET experience to join us!  In this role, you will join a team of people completing the disciplines of our tech stack to build great things!

Posted On

June 4, 2021