Manager, Outbound Sales Development

OneCauseSales 3-5 Years

Job Description

We are recruiting a growth minded, heart-led, enthusiastic Manager of Outbound Sales Development to coach and develop our high-performing team. This team is comprised of high-potential talent that are on a career track to Account Executive or other areas of our organization. Our team is motivated, smart, and committed and requires a leader who is skilled at supporting their growth and development as professional salespeople. This position reports to the Sr. Director of Sales Development and is accountable for the success and growth of our Outbound Sales Development team, from entry level recruiting through career tracks beyond. The role is highly collaborative within OneCause, collaborating most frequently with Marketing & Sales within the organization.

What you will do:
-Bringing a daily passion for your work that is infectious and motivating to those around you.
-Sustaining and an environment of positive, supportive energy and employee engagement.
-Turning high-performing SDRs into world class AE candidates.
-Developing new prospecting strategies including multiple touch point cadences.
-Achieving team KPIs including total pipeline generation and win-rate.
-Call coaching, analyzing lead and opportunity activity to develop and implement process improvements.
-Cultivating creative solutions that motivate all members of the team.

Posted On

August 30, 2022