Product Manager – Peer-to-Peer Software Platform

OneCauseProduct Development 3-5 Years

Job Description

As a product manager, your day will consist of three distinct modes. The first is functioning as a teammate. At OneCause we have independent and autonomous product teams that consist of engineers, a product designer, and a product manager. You will work with this team to discover and deliver the right product. The second mode is as an individual. You will need to get inside your own head and synthesize the information and context you’ve collected in order to ask the right questions, foster great decisions, and sometimes make critical decisions. This requires individual study and work to build models and frameworks for the problem at hand and think about the vision of the future. Lastly, you will work as an ambassador to the rest of the company and the market. You need to understand customers and develop shared understanding with marketing, support, sales, and the rest of OneCause.

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April 15, 2019