Marketing Director


Job Description

The Marketing Director is responsible for administering results-driven marketing and providing strategic direction and tactical execution to promote all DriverReach offerings and help us continue to achieve our mission of hiring better faster. This position is responsible for product messaging, sales enablement and training, updated product launches, and market positioning. Execution of the role will require the ability to translate subject matter experts’ knowledge into product messaging, go-to-market enablement, training, and campaigns.

Core Responsibilities:

Market and Competitive Intelligence: Know our target audience, how they buy, and their buying criteria. Know the competition and how to position against them
Product Positioning and Messaging: Connect market and technology trends with our technology to develop product positioning, value propositions, and messaging that resonates with the buying audience.
Content Strategy and Generation: Based on target audience buying criteria, ensure we have the right content to market our product portfolio and relevant solutions.
Sales Enablement: Ensure sales clearly understands and is able to articulate product positioning and differentiators.
Marketing Campaigns: Develop comprehensive marketing plans supporting lead generation and lead nurturing initiatives, including execution of campaign deliverables such as webinars, drip campaigns, and other marketing campaigns.
Events and Conferences: Manage the strategy and execution with all departments on event strategy, messaging, collateral, and evangelize the product portfolio at key events and industry/ partner trade shows with a proactive pre- and post-communication plan for after the event.
Customer Engagement: Keep current on customers’ product feedback and needs, including customers buying behavior, challenges, and motivations to help develop additional messages/collateral.
Team Management: Lead, develop, and grow a high-performance software product marketing team.

Preferred Skills: Bachelor’s degree in communications or other related areas
Work-related skill, knowledge, and experience in B2B Sales environments
Proficiency in computer and web-based applications

You: Are self-disciplined and have a great work ethic
Have good time management skills
Communicate well
Love to learn new things and are willing to take direction
Our best match is a self-starter, highly competitive, resilient, tenacious, driven, and goal-oriented and wants to work around people with similar traits.

Posted On

May 29, 2018