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Director of Client Success

ADDRESS: 7225 Georgetown Rd , IN 46268

Director of Client Success

About PERQ
PERQ is an engagement technology company providing solutions that connect consumers to brands. We’re a company built of people who love winning the game of business and working towards the common goal of achieving success for our clients. Check out: to learn more.

The Role
Customer Success is a vital piece of our long-term strategy and growth. We will not be successful unless our customers are receiving value from our service and see us as experts in consumer engagement. Our ability to create advocates who love our product, and are willing to tell others about it, is the bar we set for ourselves.

We are looking for a leader to join our team and continue driving success for our growing customer base across multiple markets. With growth, comes the ability to manage chaos across multiple spectrums. Whether it is bringing on talent, improving a current process, hitting upsell quota, or putting out daily fires, we are looking for a leader who loves the complexity that comes with growth and scale. This role includes responsibilities for Customer Success activities (e.g., on-boarding, support, services, adoption, advocacy, retention, etc.) and outcomes (e.g., renewals, upsell, etc.). This leader is the voice of the customer inside PERQ’s walls.

This could be the job for you if you’d like to
 Drive Customer Success Outcomes
 Increase renewal rates and reduce churn
 Expand our revenue in accounts through upselling
 Influence future lifetime value through higher customer satisfaction and overall health scores
 Drive new business growth by creating advocates of our company and technology
 Continuously Improve the Customer Lifecycle
 Continuously measure and improve the 4 stages of Customer Success at PERQ: Initial Value, Upselling, Retention and Advocacy
 Continue refining the process for Customer Success Reps in each stage
 Define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies by market
 Learn from best practices in industry
 Manage Customer Success Activities
 Onboarding
 Training
 Customer Support
 Customer Success Management
 Renewals
 Upsell
 Advocacy
 Measure Effectiveness of Customer Success
 Continue to refine operational metrics for team
 Create cadence for review within team
 Expose subset of metrics to executive management and team
 Lead World-Class Customer Success Team
 Attract and recruit high potential individual contributors
 Improve upon current onboarding process and training for new team members
 Be relentless in coaching existing team members on client success best practices
 Encourage continuous learning within team
 Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology
 Support systems
 Customer marketing software
 Reference and advocacy solutions
 Customer Success Management platform
 Inspire Customer Success Across Company
 Align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients
 Align with Sales around upsell and focus on selling with a retention focus
 Align with Finance around measurement and forecasting
 Align with Executive Team around key metrics and objectives
 Drive company-wide definition of ideal customer
 Create company-wide customer feedback loop

The Ideal Candidate:
 5+ years experience in leading customer-facing organizations
 Ability to manage and influence through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus building
 Ideally combined background of post-sale and sales experience
 Strong empathy for customers AND passion for revenue and growth
 Deep understanding of value drivers in recurring revenue business models
 Metrics and process-oriented mindset with an eye towards scale
 Demonstrated desire for continuous learning and improvement
 Enthusiastic and creative leader with the ability to inspire others
 Excellent communication and presentation skills

Personality Traits
 You want to represent the voice of the customer inside the PERQ building. When you speak, it is on behalf of the customer.
 You relish solving customer concerns and can take an angry one and turn them into an advocate because of how you handled the situation.
 You understand that an intimate knowledge of the product you deliver, the value it provides, and how to communicate that value is paramount to delivering a great customer experience.
 Your attitude is infectious.
 You are never satisfied. Always looking to improve, grow and learn.
 You lead by example.
 You know that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Therefore, you love metrics, and the story they tell.
 You know how to show confidence under fire and exude this confidence when it matters most.
 You don’t have problems. You have challenges….and with fast growth comes plenty of challenges!
 You want people on your team who are smarter and better than you. This is your bar for hiring.
 You want to develop the talent you bring on board and understand that this only happens through consistent coaching and measurement.
 You love the game of business and want to win!

Date Posted: 06/26/2017
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CATEGORY: Consumer Technology, Marketing/Sales Technology CITY: Indianapolis

PERQ is an engagement technology company providing solutions that connect consumers to brands.