Solutions Architect

PFLCustomer Success 3-5 Years

Job Description

About the role:

The goal of the Solutions Architecture and Professional Services team is to ensure that our customers successfully adopt PFL technology within their organization and achieve the results and value they want in partnership with our customer facing teams. The role of the Solutions Architect is to bridge the gap between PFL core technology capabilities and customer needs by ideating, building and deploying custom solutions. Solutions Architects will be responsible for delivering solutions to meet customers’ needs in high demand areas using both open source and proprietary PFL software. Solutions Architects are required to configure customer Marketing Automation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Sales Enablement platforms as well as construct custom APIs, cloud microservices, and advanced analytics solutions.

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate expertise in PFL technologies and provide leadership to our customer facing teams while ensuring successful problem resolution.

Your Responsibilities:

You will be the expert on PFL solutions during the sales cycle and conduct customized product demonstrations for our customers and prospects.
Facilitate attribution discussions with customers and develop/maintain reporting and analytics projects using BI and visualization tools.
Continuously improve data architecture by analyzing issues, discovering root causes, and providing sustainable high-quality solutions.
Advise customers on the use of their Marketing Automation, CRM, and Sales Enablement platforms to drive adoption of PFL technology and ensure program goals are met.
Educate customers on the value proposition of PFL, foster relationships with key decision makers within customer accounts and create PFL advocates.
Develop and implement custom solutions using serverless microservices constructed within Microsoft Azure to automate marketing and sales operations processes and cross-platform data integration.
Manage, update, and troubleshoot custom web pages and web applications using HTML, CSS, JS, and other programming languages/frameworks.

Posted On

April 7, 2021