Lead Software Engineer

PonduranceProduct Development 3-5 Years


JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS, html 5, SQL

Job Description

The MDR platform is our services digital face for our customers. It is also used by engineers and SOC analysts for collaboration, recording priority-based tickets, graphically depicting valuable metrics, and conveying risk appropriate information to all customers and partners.

You will provide leadership and support by being an example and a mentor for the team. You will be responsible for designing, building, managing, testing, and maintaining the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform and related applications.


Foster a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative work environment within all interactions.
Design, develop, deploy, manage, monitor, test, and repair software and user interfaces in various languages while following best practices.
Engage with stakeholders and leadership through meetings, reports, documentation, emails, and related methods.
Analyze and provide actionable feedback on technical designs, implementation proposals, and code.
Consistently learn and expand knowledge of new and relevant technologies, programming languages, and best practices.
Additional responsibilities as requested.

A web frontend developed in JavaScript; primarily using React and React Redux, Apollo GraphQL, and modularized CSS using SCSS.
A backend in Ruby on Rails, and other infrastructure in various languages including Python and Rust.
Testing and code quality using tools including Cypress, Jest, rspec, and code climate.
Building and CI using tools including Parcel, Bundler, and GitHub Actions.
Deployment to Linux servers (Ubuntu and CentOS) running Dockerized services, primarily in AWS.
Knowledge and Skills:

5 years of professional experience in both frontend and backend development.
1 year of experience within a technical or software engineering leadership role with 2+ years of demonstrating leadership in other roles preferred.
Moderate familiarity with at least 2 professional programming languages ideally covering both frontend and backend use, that have similar libraries, frameworks, and/or packages, with significant proficiency in at least one language.
Experience with software testing, QA, and automation in those areas.
Experience with modularized software design, micro-services architecture, container environments such as Docker, and/or other related development models.
Experience with best practices around secure application development, including RBAC principles.
Familiarity with standards such as PCI DSS is a plus
If you have other combinations of relevant skills and experience that you believe make you the right candidate for this role, please let us know.


Available during standard business hours including being available for meetings and collaboration that generally occurs from 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday within the Central Time Zone.
Flexibility to participate in rotating after-hour code deployments.

Posted On

June 29, 2021