Corporate Partners Senior Manager

Purdue UniversityData Science 3-5 Years

Job Description

Purdue University is looking for the right candidate to fill the role of Corporate Partners Senior Manager. As the senior manager, you will coordinate with the staff from The Data Mine (West Lafayette), the Indiana Data Mine statewide project, and Purdue’s Research Computing (RCAC) group to provide valuable data science project experiences and support for students, faculty, and corporate mentors.
The Senior Manager will facilitate partnerships between corporations and The Data Mine, Indiana Digital Crossroads schools, and Research Computing through technical mentoring and coaching to the student teams while the teams work on corporate projects. Plan corporate partner visits to campus, host corporate partners on campus, visit corporate partners with or without student groups, manage contracts, recruit new corporate partners, respond quickly to communications, and help the partners to design high-quality and achievable projects for students in The Data Mine. Ensure student corporate partners' project groups function to their highest ability. Help select team leaders and other group members for each corporate partner’s project, coordinate with the Corporate Partner Managers and/or students to find meeting spaces and appropriate communications technology, work closely with the student groups and corporate mentors, coordinate, and work with the Corporate Partner Managing Director to approve any additional resources the students may need.

Posted On

August 24, 2022