Sr. DevOps Engineer

RenPSGProduct Development 3-5 Years


Java, C#, Python

Job Description

The Senior DevOps Engineer (SDE) will assist our teams in delivering the very best digital services for RenPSG customers. The SDE will act as an authority on design and implementation of highly available and secure AWS cloud infrastructure. The candidate will leverage DevOps methodologies to enable developers to quickly deliver secure, high-quality software to production environments while addressing business and compliance requirements. Our ideal SDE wants their work to make a difference and cares deeply about the process of building usable products, the organization, and cohesiveness of a product and team.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Collaborate across teams to consolidate and simplify infrastructure tools and services
Build libraries, modules, and packages for fellow engineers to integrate into their projects
Automate Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes to amplify feedback loops and deliver high-quality software at greater speed
Work closely with our internal partners and application teams to ensure that we are provisioning infrastructure that meets security, SLA, and performance requirements
Solve problems in ways that drive towards simplicity of architecture and operations
Stay abreast of the improvements and new capabilities being offered by Amazon Web Services

Posted On

October 5, 2021