Data Warehouse and Integration Engineer

ResultantIT & Cybersecurity 6-8 Years

Job Description

Company Description
We are a passionate team of 300+ engineers, mathematicians, data analysts, project managers, and business consultants. But more importantly, we are active listeners, deep thinkers, and courageous problem solvers.

The Resultant team purposefully comes together to produce a positive outcome. Our name symbolizes our commitment to empathy and collaboration—of not just delivering our clients with the best solutions, but to deeply listening to them, understanding their needs, and learning from each other in the process. The force of Resultant comes from the combined knowledge, passion, and innovation of our team and partners.

Together, we partner with clients in the public and private sectors to help them overcome their most complex challenges, empowering our clients to drive meaningful change in their organizations and communities. In everything you do, you’ll help your clients, colleagues, and communities thrive.

Resultant was founded as KSM Consulting in 2008.

Job Description
As a Data Warehouse and Integration Engineer you will design stable and reliable databases while utilizing ETL tools to facilitate the movement of data between systems and into the Datawarehouse. You will be responsible for development, testing, improving, and maintaining existing and new databases. In this role you will keep the company’s data safe, accessible, and easy to understand. You’ll also help aid in developing our new enterprise Datawarehouse environment while we implement key new systems and integrations.
Consider your day-to-day responsibilities in this role:
Helping build the structure and design of the database
Ensure data quality and integrity in databases
Identify any issues related to database performance and provide corrective measure
Create complex functions, scripts, stored procedures and triggers to support application development
ETL process management, modeling, and pipeline
Develop best practices for database design and development activities
Test databases and perform bug fixes
Develop security procedures to protect databases from unauthorized usage
Restoring lost data, updating systems when necessary, and creating data backups
Continually monitoring database systems
Develop best practices for database design and development activities

Some of the qualifications and skills we are expecting include the following:
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or information systems
A thorough understanding of database languages such as SQL, OQL, XQuery, SQL/XML and NoSQL, as well as database management systems (DBMS)
Proficiency in warehousing architecture techniques
Experience with ETL and low code/no code tools (SQL, Python, Tray.IO, etc.)
Strong attention to detail
Ability to extract insight from large datasets
Ability to remain calm under pressure
Problem-solving skills
Written and oral communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Thorough understanding of computer systems

Additional Information
What you should know about Resultant:
Rezzers are humble, hungry, and smart. We solve big problems, serve lots of clients, and are entirely committed to delivering transformative outcomes.
Rezzers are team players, deeply dedicated to the mission of the organization and to helping everyone around us be successful.
Resultant compensates well, rewarding performance that delivers positive outcomes for our clients and ensuring incentives are aligned to achieve our goals.
Resultant leaders work hard, serving as a shining example of what it means to be a great Rezzer. They are servant leaders, helping their team to be successful in all possible ways.
We have a great benefits package including unlimited vacation, significant 401k contributions, and several opportunities to develop yourself.
We pride ourselves in having the best talent in the industry and hope that you’re up for the challenge!

What our team members say about us…
“I love our true empathy and concern for our clients, it's very rare and appreciated. It is a pleasure to be a part of an organization like Resultant.”
“I learn something new every single day, and I feel like I'm a part of building an organization that has legs. I appreciate that I'm consistently humbled by the talent and caliber of our team.”
“The culture of the company is amazing, and the climate of my team is great. The benefits that employees are offered are better than competitors, and the one-on-one presence that my team lead gives is extremely beneficial to me.”

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, color, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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January 4, 2022