Electrical Engineer

RogoDesign 3-5 Years

Job Description


  • Goal: Improve robot’s safety, cost, and usability with a variety of projects
  • Identify problems, solve them, design solutions, build them, test them, repeat.
  • Work independently but tackle big challenges with collaboration
  • Convert projects into weekly goals and produce progress every week
  • Mix of office research & design with hands-on build and testing.

Examples of Potential Projects:

  • PCB Board to control driving
  • Replace PLC & field wiring with CAN network
  • Mini PCB Board for a variety of sensors
  • Obstacle detection PCB board
  • Optimize closed loop control systems for latency and accuracy

Desired Profile


  • Great communicator, problem definer and solver, core values fit
  • Breakdown problems with physics, trig, calculus & algebra
  • Test design & execution, sometimes in the elements 
  • Data analysis & presentation in a modern tool (excel, matlab, sheets etc)

Core Skills: 

  • Electrical: Circuits, PCB’s, Transistor Logic, Power Mgmt and Conversion, Schematics, wire termination / connectors.
  • Network Topology & Low Level Design: CAN, RS232, SPI, I2C, etc
  • Signals: Analysis, Conditioning, Noise Mgmt
  • Controls: Closed Loop Control (PID), Ladder Logic, Sensor feedback
  • Fabrication: Willing (if not able) to build things at Rogo - soldering, assembly, etc

Core Experience:

  • Projects: PCB design & implementation, Microcontrollers, Robotics/machine control, Design for Ruggedization: vibration- & water-proofing
  • Systems: CAN or other Bus, General networking (wired & wireless), ROS


  • Eagle Software Experience

Start Date & Location

  • Start in May 2020
  • Willing to work in Wolcott, IN / Lafayette, Indiana area

Compensation / Benefits

  • Full-Time Salary (based on market, experience, & skill) 
  • PTO - Flexible Vacation Plan (Self-managed as long as you get your work done)

Why apply?

  • Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.
  • Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.
  • Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas.
Posted On

May 14, 2020