Engagement Manager / Project Manager / Business Development Manager

SEPCustomer Success 6-8 Years

Job Description

As our company and client portfolio grows, we’ve been expanding our Engagement Management team to manage customer relationships and care for our teams.

The management team has a diverse background: some are former developers, some are prior executives, and others have more of a sales and account management bent. They’re different people with the same mission:

They bring out the best in us in 3 key ways

#1. They care for our makers.

Our craft is important–knowing how modern products are built is table stakes for the job. More importantly, managers care for their teams. Looking out for our people, their interests, their career and their success is a huge component of the role.

#2. They care for our customers.

Of course, clients matter to a professional service firm–if you burn bridges you’re out of this game. But consultancies driven primarily by growth and maximum utilization can’t also have the customer’s best interests at heart.

• Can you imagine having the skill to help a motivated customer, knowing it’s not in their best interest to work with us, and steering them towards another firm?
• Can you imagine it being okay to tell a client the hard truth about their plans, knowing they might fire you?
• Can you imagine giving free advice knowing a customer might steal it and hire your low-cost competitor?

Being vulnerable and doing the right thing for our customers is the way our engagement managers show up.

#3. They care for our company.

ESOPs like us play the long game. We don’t talk about exits, meeting PE firm demands or aggressive growth targets. Do we want to grow? Yes. Fast and furious? No.

Reinforcing our culture-first approach, supporting the paced growth, staying curious, and relentlessly finding better ways to work is how leaders thrive at SEP.

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September 13, 2022