Staff Software Engineer

SEPProduct Development 9+ Years


Job does not require specific languages

Job Description

SEP has immediate openings for experienced software engineers. We've been helping companies build great software products since 1988 in a wide range of industries and technologies. We provide software product and design outsource and consulting services covering all areas of the software life cycle.

What you'll be doing
+ Work in cross-functional teams to build product, while guiding technical decisions
+ Mentor other engineers both within and external to your team
+ Work on projects in a wide variety of domains: life science, medical, aerospace, finance, heavy machinery (did we mention we have a lot of variety!?)
+ Build and deliver great software while maintaining a clear understanding and vision of the client’s needs
+ Guide team members towards effective solutions during all stages of the project
+ Maintain the project momentum through timely communication and problem solving with all stakeholders
+ Deepen engineering expertise and technical capacity of team members through constructive feedback
+ Help your team, client, and SEP constantly get better

Posted On

November 3, 2021