Software Engineer

Seven CornersProduct Development 0-2 Years


C#, JavaScript, CSS, React

Job Description

-To be effective, you must be self-motivated and work well in a team as well as independently.
-You will be a key part in every stage of the development process.
-You will work with closely with the business to understand the requirements.
-You will work with the product owner to translate those requirements into work items for the backlogs.
-When the time is right, you will participate with the other software engineers in designing the solution that will best meet the needs of the both the customer and the business.
-You will be hands on keyboard as you pair with others from the team to build the designed solution.
-You will be a key contributor to testing what you and others on the team build to ensure that it successfully meets the design requirements.
-You will work with the team to ensure the finished product is deployed successfully to dev and production environments.
-Once in production, you and the other team members will provide support to the business on the delivered product.

What we look for in a team member:
-Highly collaborative team player mindset – we succeed or fail together
-Dedication to developing quality software – quality is everyone’s responsibility
-Passion – we call it GAF (geek after five) Maybe it’s IoT, running, crafting, family, wood-working, birding, whatever it is…have a passion or more than one
-Learning and continuous improvement – we all have some growing to do
-Communication skills – we are in constant communication whether it’s in person or remotely

Posted On

December 14, 2021