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Software QA Engineer

ADDRESS: 6311 E. Westfield Blvd., Suite 200 , IN 46220

The QA Engineer we are targeting has a natural ability to problem solve and look for solutions. We need you to make sure you have a handle on the entire development process, and assist with identifying problems and solutions with our software. The Sharpen team thrives on creative, fresh ideas that help us build better products and deliver more value to our customers. QA, works with Sharpen Development Team to test and correct bugs that have been generated from new software or application updates. The QA creates, tests, and evaluates applications and systems to ensure proper functionality and that such systems meet the needs of Sharpen users.  We feel this is best achieved working hand-in-hand, onsite with our close-knit team.  So, in this role, you should expect to work at our office located at 6311 Westfield Blvd Ste 200 Indianapolis, IN 46220 (however we will be relocating downtown in the near future). Additionally, we do expect our group to work fulltime hours so anticipate a 40-hour work week. Unless, of course, we are out of the office doing, exploring or creating something cool.

Job Requirements:
Test newly developed software and features and record any bugs or performance issues.
Collect information about software usability.
Identify critical bottlenecks in development.
Develop and run effective tests to ensure product stability and performance.
Provide feedback to developers about automated testing strategies, design fixes, and patches.
Document, prioritize, and resolve bugs.
Complete projects, review, and reports as needed.
Additional desired skills:
Two or more years working in software development and/or undergraduate degree in Computer Science or relevant fields.
Hands-on experience with functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, mobile testing, big data testing, cross-platform testing, component testing, security testing, performance testing, UI/UX testing, and/or A/B testing.

Date Posted: 03/10/2017
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