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TechPointSales 0-2 Years

Job Description

Sales Bootcamp is a four-week program for career changers and new grads designed to train and provide a first-hand look inside the work environment for Sales Development Representatives at Indianapolis tech companies. 93% of participants to date have received job offers upon completion of the program.

Tech companies are growing rapidly and they need competitive people to help fuel their growth. Sales careers at local tech companies are some of the most in-demand positions in the Greater Indianapolis area, and they are a proven path to career acceleration and compensation growth for new grads and career changers.

Across the program, you will accelerate your sales career through micro-internships with 3 different tech companies, which will provide immersive on-the-job training where you will contribute real value to the company. Expect to walk away with a well-rounded and robust resume of CRM technology platforms, data creation, and best practice in prospecting, playbook creation, and message design.

The best part? Due to industry partners community investment, participation in the program is completely FREE for accepted applicants. In fact, those who earn a spot in the program ​could be awarded a participation scholarship, ​based on financial need, to be used to cover living expenses while you participate.

After four weeks of learning, training and working with local tech companies, TechPoint’s premium members, sponsors and partners will have special access to you and your fellow bootcampers for job interviews and possible placement in immediate openings!

Sales careers require a certain set of specialized skills and interpersonal behaviors that make professionals great at what they do. If you use these words to describe yourself, you may be a good fit for this program:

Decisive ● Direct ● Personable ● Process driven ● Creative ● Adaptable ● Competitive ● Goal oriented

High school degree or equivalent, bachelor’s degree preferred
Must be able to commit to full-time 40 hours/wk training program

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November 22, 2021