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Web Development Support Specialist

ADDRESS: 3905 Vincennes Rd, Ste. 210 , IN 46268

The role of the Web Development Support Specialist is to act as a tier two support agent for all support issues escalated to the Web Development Team. The Web Development Support Specialist also plays a vital role in Quality Assurance and tests all websites for quality and accuracy. In addition to support and QA, this role also allows for the opportunity to implement website development projects.

Primary Responsibilities
• Provide second tier support for support tickets escalated to the web development team
• Assign support tickets needing advanced work to the web development team
• Test and QA each website to ensure proper functionality
• Implement WebLink components for third-party built websites
• Create websites from start to finish per project specifications
• Address client feedback on websites to make updates or fixes as needed
• Implement website management tools, such as Google™ Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Skills and Qualifications
o Experience as a support specialist
o Proficient with writing well-structured, semantic HTML
o Proficient with styling websites using CSS
o Ability to think critically and creatively to troubleshoot effectively
o Ability to manage time efficiently
o Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
o Experience with Content Management Systems (such as WordPress™, Weebly™, etc.)
o Knowledge of SEO concepts
o Basic/Proficient with JavaScript
o Quality Assurance Testing experience

Date Posted: 05/16/2017
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