The Ultimate Career Launchpad for Community-Minded Tech Builders The Indy Tech Fellowship is a two-year program for new grads, crafted to place developers, designers, and product managers with leading companies where they can hone their skills, fast-track their careers, and impact our community.

Full-Time, Salaried Position

Join a leading Indianapolis company where you will work on meaningful projects alongside the sharpest tech minds in the industry. Some of the companies where tech fellows work include:

Community of Peers

Starting out doesn’t have to mean starting over. Live, work, and play with new grads as talented and passionate as you. Read about the inaugural class and their experiences here. In their own words, find out what two of our first Indy Tech Fellows have to say about the program here and here.

Toolkit to Accelerate

The Indy Tech Fellowship is more than just a job. You will quickly add CTOs, city leaders, and passionate Indy makers to your personal and professional networks. Put that together with skills development programs and you’ve got everything you need to fast-track your career.

Change the Game

Joining the Indy Tech Fellowship gives you access to the positions, people, and resources necessary to make a real, tangible impact. Twenty years from now, when people talk about Indianapolis, they are going to talk about the legacy Indy Tech Fellows left and the things that they have built.