Your first step toward the ultimate tech internship experience.

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Launch your tech experience.

Xtern Bootcamp is a 3-week intensive training program with a focus on software development crafted for ambitious college students who want to gain exposure to a variety of tech skills.

We’ve crafted an endlessly relevant project-based curriculum on JavaScript that places an emphasis on practical knowledge – building upon your college coursework and providing real world applications.

In the program you’ll learn: the React Framework, github creation, and participate in mock technical interviews and resume review workshops.


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Intensive 3-week training

You already have some tech skills and you’re ready to prove it. This intensive 3-week course will push you into the deep end with peers and demonstrate the challenges you can expect to face working with a high growth company. With curriculum crafted and instructed by industry professionals, you will leave with everything you need to land that first internship.

Bootcampers unite

You could do it on your own, but it’s better with friends. Xtern Bootcamp is a community of like-minded students with a bias towards learning and having fun. Plus, you’ll live together in provided housing in one of America’s Best Cities for Tech Grads, ranked #5 for Women in Tech by Fast Company, and among the Top 10 in Creating the Most Technology Jobs according to Forbes.

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The career journey begins well before a student walks across the graduation stage.

Through our talent pipeline, TechPointX helps highly-skilled talent realize their potential right here in Indianapolis through programs like Xtern Bootcamp.