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Advanced Renewable Power

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(317) 496-2884
Carmel, IN

Company Description

Advanced Renewable Power LLC (ARP) is comprised of a team of designers, engineers, scientists, and business development executives who together possess over 300 years of experience in advanced Mobile Power Grid (MPG), Stationary Power Grid (SPG) Systems, and Lithium-Ion batteries and cell production systems.
We develop and manufacture compact, high performance power solutions to power the next generation of Hybrid Electric transit buses and delivery trucks.
The ARP team has also designed five Mobile Power Grid (MPS) and two Stationary Power Grid systems (SPG). Our products consist of 25 KWH battery packs, 25 KWH-MPG, 100 KWH-MPG, 500 KWH-MPG, 500 KWH-SPG, 1000 KWH-MPG, 5000 KWH-MPG, and 5000 KWH-SPG.