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Use our free program that establishes connections between buyers and sellers of Indiana Venture Capital Investment (VCI) tax credits. 

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Who Can Benefit from VCI Tax Credits?

Investors in Indiana startups can receive an additional boost to their investment dollars by leveraging VCI tax credits against their Indiana tax liabilities.  

Investors who do not carry Indiana tax liabilities may pursue the sale of their tax credits to potential buyers through the transferability allowance implemented by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) in 2020. 

There is no cost to use TechPoint’s Indiana VCI Marketplace to make connections as either a buyer or seller, as facilitating connections that lead to more investment opportunity in our startup community is a part of our mission. Once introduced by a TechPoint representative, paired potential buyers and sellers are encouraged to fully connect and negotiate transaction terms. 

Rules for Transfer Eligibility

  • $10,000 or more certified through a SINGLE certification letter with a corresponding unique PIN number. Multiple Certification Letters/PIN numbers may not be combined to meet the minimum assignment amount threshold. 
  • Tax Credits may only be assigned to another taxpayer in exchange for currency. This can include forms of currency that are not in United States Dollars (USD); however, if the taxpayer is assigning credits in exchange for currency that is not USD the Assignor/Seller and the Assignee/Purchaser may be asked to confirm that the value of the currency conforms with the final point immediately below. 
  • Assignor/Seller is prohibited from receiving value in connection with an assignment that exceeds the value of the part of the credit assigned. This policy requires the value of the Tax Credit to be its face value, and not some other calculated price based on its perceived value to the Assignor/Seller and/or the Assignee/Purchaser.
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How Does the Indiana VCI Marketplace Work?

Intent to Sell

An interested tax credit seller will complete the “seller” form on this page. 


Group Notification.

TechPoint will alert potential tax credit buyers with an anonymized notice of a seller’s offer. 

Buyer Interest

Interested buyers will complete the “buyer” form on this page to indicate interest and bid for a tax credit.

Highest Bidder Wins

TechPoint will initiate a private email introduction between the seller and the highest bidding buyer(s), depending on the seller’s indicated preference–generally within 10 business days from the inquiry receipt date.

Privacy Protection

Participants’ privacy is protected through this trusted curation by TechPoint.

No Connection Fees.

TechPoint will not set the transactional terms and will not charge any transactional fees. 

Notify the IEDC

Finally, a prospective seller that is seeking to exchange certified VCI tax credits with a buyer must notify the IEDC of the transaction/assignment before it is made.

Transactional Paperwork

Both the buyer and seller must complete a single VCI Tax Credit Notice of Assignment Form which can be found on the IEDC webpage before the transaction is completed. 

TechPoint Follow-up

TechPoint will contact the seller within three months for a recap of the connection outcome. 

Selling a Tax Credit?

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NOTE: You do NOT need to be a startup investor in order to buy VCI tax credits. 

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