Where high-potential companies pitch investors and make deals.

TechPoint connects venture capital and investment firms from across the country with our “Best of Tech” Mira Award winners and other select startups and scale-ups from Indiana. This year, dozens of VCs and investable Indiana companies ranging from pre-revenue through Series A and above, will meet through TechPoint Venture Connect.

Tech companies need funding to hire talent, build product, and go to market fast.

We make that easier by building relationships with out-of-state venture capital firms and angel investors to showcase dozens of companies who they could invest in.

“Venture investment is a long-term partnership, both for the founder and for the investors. We designed investor-startup programs like Venture Connect to help drive a large number of connections at scale, often times at the beginning of strong relationships. When founders and investors both win, our community grow exponentially.”

– Ting Gootee, President & CEO of TechPoint

In 2018, tech companies raised $135M through 26 deals—more than half the total amount raised by all companies in Indiana.

We bring together emerging tech companies who are in growth mode and raising money to meet with investors under one roof in one day. Our investor partners are selected by recommendations from the CEOs and top executives of our companies and come from all across the U.S.

Venture Connect is an incredibly efficient way for both companies and VC’s to meet 5-10 companies in one day. Most of the companies are early stage/growth looking for Series A funding. Companies and investors rank each other’s preferred meetings. Matches are set based on rankings and private pitch sessions. Pitches are brief sessions where companies can explain their product and growth strategy to make deals for their next funding round.