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Where high-potential companies connect with venture investors.

TechPoint connects venture capital and investment firms from across the country with the best startups and scale-ups from Indiana. Each year, hundreds of VCs and investable Indiana companies ranging from pre-revenue through Series A and above, will meet through TechPoint Venture Connect.

Tech companies need funding to hire talent, build product, and go to market fast.

We make that easier by building relationships with out-of-state venture capital firms and angel investors to showcase dozens of companies who they could invest in.

“The Venture Connect event was a great way to meet potential investors and be inspired by other companies from Indiana.”

– Mike Cusick, CEO of GemViz

“The curated nature of the event was very well done. I was able to meet with each of the companies I had interest in.”

– Tim Hoerr, CEO of Serra Ventures

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Between 2022 and 2023, Indiana tech companies raised $278 million. This was a 20% increase in the number of deals since last year!

TechPoint’s Venture Connect events (previously called, “VC Speed Dating”) have brought together hundreds of Indiana tech companies to meet with investors from all over the United States and Canada. Indiana-based tech companies interested in participating can simply complete the form below to show your interest.
We connect emerging, early-stage tech companies who are in growth mode and raising money to meet with investors for 25-minute meetings under one roof, or virtually in one day. Venture Connect is an incredibly efficient way for investors and early stage companies to meet.

Attend Venture Connect
June 6, 2024

This year, we will also host our first annual Founders Network Summit in conjunction with Venture Connect. In order to attend the Founders Network summit, you must be a member of the Indiana Founders Network. Click here to learn more about the network. Founders Network Members will receive free registration to venture connect. .

What to expect in the Venture Connect process:

Fill out the Interest Form

This is how we collect information for the company look book.

Investors Register

The TechPoint team will reach out to interested companies and investors to officially register for the event.

Look Book Distributed to Investors and Companies

This will include all of the company and investor information submitted in the interest form.

Companies and Investors Submit Preferences

Participants will submit their top meeting preferences, which will determine the meeting schedule for the event.

Schedules Created and Distributed

Participants will receive their schedules the week before the event.

Event Takes Place

Investors and companies will engage in back-to-back 25 minute meeting rounds at the event. 

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