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Why Indiana? Why Now?

In a thriving tech hub, employers need different resources, and TechPoint is well-positioned to support a variety of companies and stakeholders:

  • Tech employers including tech product, tech service, tech infrastructure or tech-enabled organizations.
  • Scale-up stage tech companies seeking talent, capital, and connections.
  • Tech executives in search of community impact and connections for themselves and their organization.
  • Service providers interested in sponsorship opportunities.

TechPoint partners with you to remove obstacles and helps your company grow.

Where TechPoint Helps:

TechPoint Index is where we amplify the stories of success that otherwise might go unheard.

TechPoint’s suite of programs designed to connect your company to your next hire.

Our signature events shine a spotlight on success while fostering meaningful connections between people.

Latest in Tech News

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Republic Airways’ new campus takes Indiana’s largest airline to new heights 

Republic Airways’ new campus takes Indiana’s largest airline to new heights 

Indiana employers can hire top-ranked college students for 2024 summer internships if they act fast 

Adapting to a Rough Venture Capital Funding Terrain

The Circuit

The Circuit is TechPoint’s interview series dedicated to telling the human stories behind the major tech headlines in Indiana. Available on the TechPoint Index, YouTube, and where ever you listen to podcasts.

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Want to join the fastest-growing tech hub in the country? TechPoint offers a suite of programs designed to help you find your next hire among Indiana’s top talent.

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Amplifying Your Successes

TechPoint’s signature events shine a spotlight on the success stories within our tech community. They range from 1,400+ person galas to smaller networking events. We also promote the gatherings of other mission-aligned organizations in our community.

Member Companies

The tech companies, tech-enabled companies, and institutions that are helping to propel TechPoint’s mission of making Indiana one of the great next-generation tech hubs.

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