Unleashing Joy: Celebrating Mira Awards Milestones with ICAN Therapy Dogs 

About the author: Jenny Massey is co-founder of FairWinds Advisors and Director of Sikich Site Selection & Incentives.  Entrepreneurship is hard. And stressful. And lonely. And it doesn’t always work out even with the best of efforts.  But when it does pay off, say, with a TechPoint Mira Award nomination, I believe it’s worth doing […]

Unveiling Innovation: The 2024 Mira Awards Red Carpet Interviews with Angie Stocklin

The 25th annual TechPoint Mira Awards gala has come to a close, but there’s more to share from the event’s glitzy Red Carpet where nominees, winners, sponsors and supporters alike posed for the paparazzi. Dozens also talked with Red Carpet Hostess Angie Stocklin, sharing thoughts on “tech’s biggest night,” why they wouldn’t miss it and […]
Anotonia Munguia accepter her Mira Award

Meet the TechPoint Foundation for Youth 2024 Bridge Builder of the Year:  Antonia “Miss Toni” Munguia

The annual Bridge Builder Award, bestowed by TechPoint Foundation for Youth, is dedicated to honoring exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to transforming Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for Indiana students, particularly those typically underrepresented in the tech workforce.  Antonia “Toni” Munguia, Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity at Purdue Polytechnic, is […]
Brian Belch accepting his Mira award

Brian Belch, a learner-teacher, is the 2024 Nextech K12 Computer Science Teacher of the Year

Ask any successful leader, regardless of sector, to identify the five people who most positively influenced their careers, and chances are good that at least one teacher will be on that list. The award recognizes outstanding and high-achieving licensed computer science teachers who teach Computer Science (CS) at any K-12 school in the state of […]

TechPoint names “Hoosier by Choice” Kate Maxwell as the 2024 Trailblazer of the Year at annual ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

From the earliest days of her career working as a female engineer supporting critical, and often classified, missions, Kate Maxwell was usually the only woman in the room. She was also one of the smartest people in the room if her meteoric career rise is any indication. Rather than focus solely on her own ambition, […]