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Latest Indiana tech talent data and insights, for informed employers and community stakeholders.

The 2024 TechPoint Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workforce Report examines the imminent workforce impact of AI adoption. The pace of change resulting from AI adoption in the world — and in Indiana — will be faster than anything organizations and individuals have experienced before and will create pressure for organizations of all types to innovate and adapt to remain competitive and market-worthy.

This report: 

  • Offers guidance for corporate leaders, managers, HR professionals, policymakers and workers on what is happening across sectors and occupations in Indiana; 
  • Defines the skills that will be impacted by AI and to what degree; and 
  • Identifies the skills workers need and the upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling support employers must provide to ensure their workforce has the abilities required by their business demands. 

TechPoint releases roadmap to those seeking to join and advance in the tech sector. This report identifies the 25 most in-demand tech roles and the skills required to excel in them. Each plays a vital part in shaping the tech landscape, catering to various aspects of technological development and implementation. The top 10 roles are:

  1. AI/Machine Learning Engineer 
  2. Associate/Junior Developer 
  3. Bioinformatics Scientist 
  4. Business/Data Analyst 
  5. Business Development 
  6. Cloud Administrator 
  7. Cloud Engineer 
  8. CRM/Salesforce Administrator 
  9. Cybersecurity Specialist  
  10. Database Administrator 

TechPoint’s Mission41K Update Report is a timely reflection on the Indiana digital innovation community’s progress since the effort’s launch, as well as a succinct snapshot of the latest Indiana tech workforce impact metrics. This collection of data points and partner success stories underscores the potential for continued, positive collective impact in the critical mission of inclusively developing high skilled, tech-fluent talent across the state.

In this report:

  • Become acquainted with the Mission41K movement and key partners involved in the effort since its launch in Fall 2022.
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest Indiana-specific tech workforce metrics to note the progress that has been made as well as the areas in which renewed focus and effort is necessary.
  • See spotlights on important Mission41K partner organizations and understand the new approaches they’ve adopted to make an impact on tech workforce development.
  • Learn how you and your organization may become more involved with Mission41K.

The 2023 TechPoint Indiana Tech Workforce Report is the first in a series of comprehensive annual reports that describe and characterize the tech talent landscape across Indiana, including snapshots of Central Indiana and Marion County.

In this report:

  • Review current data and analysis on tech jobs, skills, industries, economic impact, education and training and gaps within the Indiana tech ecosystem.
  • Understand the impact of pandemic disruptions and spot related trends as they relate to workforce development.
  • Discover strategies and recommendations for improving tech talent outcomes in Indiana.
  • Use the report narrative, in conjunction with the accompanying interactive data visualizations below, to understand important action steps for the continued attraction, development and retention of Indiana tech talent.


The Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Compensation Trends Report provides relevant and current market data for the Indiana tech community. This data serves as a starting point in building a framework for making confident and competitive total rewards and compensation decisions.

Learn about the ranges for base pay and total cash compensation (TCC) for the following 10 job titles.

Associate/Junior Developer, Business/Data Analyst, Business Development Representative, Cloud Administrator , CRM/Salesforce Administrator, Cybersecurity Specialist, IT Support Technician, Product Owner, Project Manager, and Software Developer 

Tech workforce interactive data visualization

Navigate through the slides below and adjust the settings on various charts to instantly reflect changes based on a wide variety of factors such as job category, industry, skill type, geography and more.

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