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Indiana's Tech Ecosystem is Growing

It’s an exciting time to be part of the tech world, especially here in the great state of Indiana. Through the ups and downs of the last few years, Indiana tech has seen steady growth, life-changing innovations, and record shattering levels of fundraising. 

Here at TechPoint, our mission is to grow Indiana’s digital innovation economy inclusively.

Led by industry, we are uniquely positioned as a trusted partner at the intersection of public, private and academic sectors. We help grow Indiana’s tech ecosystem; we use the term “ecosystem” because we believe that the growth of tech comes through the interconnectedness of innovation, talent, capital, and community.  

We strengthen connections between these areas so that Indiana can continue its journey to becoming the great next-generation tech hub in the country. This is where you and your team come in. 

Join us on this journey

TechPoint’s success is driven thanks to the partnership of member companies large and small, leaders in the industry whose impacts are changing the world. Our membership comprises of Fortune 500 companies with a massive global presence, exciting startup companies still building their foundation and breaking onto the scene, and everything in between. Additionally, we partner with higher education leaders and aligned community partners that are shaping the talent pipeline for our state.

These companies and organizations include leaders and innovators in SaaS products, engineering, healthcare, cybersecurity, agriculture, housing, education, recruiting, environmental regulations, defense, insurance, and more. And while their individual industries may differ, their presence and impact on the greater tech ecosystem is crucial. 

TechPoint brings these companies together to foster problem-solving conversations, connect them to all-star talent and foster long-term success through solid talent pipelines, promote them on local, statewide, and national levels, and provide them opportunities to serve as thought leaders in and out of their direct industries. 

Connections & Conversations

TechPoint convenes companies at board meetings to update them on developments in the Indiana tech ecosystem, as well as to hold conversations and councils on pressing issues of the time. The networking available amongst this elite group in unparalleled.

Member companies are also welcome to attend Indiana CIO Network programming at no cost, and are invited to C-Suite Breakfasts and Happy Hour events.

Programs like Xtern can help build future success for your team through strong talent pipelines

We’re working to inclusively grow & strengthen Indiana’s tech ecosystem and digital innovation economy through Mission41K.

Stay informed at events like our annual legislative update with ITIA
Talent Programs: Building the Future of Your Team

With declining college enrollment numbers and ever-growing and changing needs for talent in our tech ecosystem, Indiana stands upon the edge of a talent cliff. This serious issue calls for us to drastically rethink and reshape how we handle talent attraction and retention. Over the last decade TechPoint has created and refined talent programs intended to do just that.

Our Xtern and Xplore programs target late-high school through late-college talent to help attract them to and keep them part of the Indiana tech ecosystem. Our Career Placement Services works to get alumni of our college talent programs placed into entry level jobs here in the Hoosier state.

Our Adult Apprenticeship program, in partnership with New Apprenticeship, strives to widen our talent pools and inclusively open pathways to tech careers. And our Leadership Academy aims to develop mid-level talent by equipping tech and business skilled professionals with ready-to-use tactics and tools to effectively manage both projects and people. 

All of these talent programs are meant to work in concert to help achieve TechPoint’s Mission41K, a call to the Indiana tech community to add 41,000 tech workers to our ecosystem by the year 2030.  

Once accomplished, the goals of Mission41K will help maintain Indiana’s place as one of the fastest growing tech ecosystems in the country. This will be done by breaking down barriers to entry for fulfilling careers in tech, stressing the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, advocating for strategies like apprenticeships and skills-based hiring, strengthening our talent pipelines equitably for the long term. All members have priority access to these programs and specific consulting support on holistic talent strategy and program implementation.

Innovation Programs: Investing & Fundraising

TechPoint works to help foster conversations and connections in the world of venture capital through our Innovation Programs such as TechPoint Venture Connect (formerly known as VC Speed Dating).

Other Innovation Programs include the VC Social, annual end-of-year VC reports, Pitch Network events, our VCI Marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of Indiana Venture Capital Investment (VCI) tax credits, AND Venture Support which helps entrepreneurs and founders refine their pitch presentations.


The TechPoint team is here to help you stay connected and up-to-date on all growth incentives that make Indiana one of the best states in the country to start and grow a business.

TechPoint Membership includes storytelling of your team and your mission
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Being Part of the Story of Indiana Tech

The TechPoint team is happy to help you spread the word about the amazing things your team is doing. Included in your membership is PR help from our marketing team, especially from TechPoint’s Media Relations Manager Cheryl Reed. 

TechPoint’s voice is respected throughout Indiana and across the Midwest as an advocate for our growing tech ecosystem. Through your TechPoint Membership, we can help elevate you as a thought leader and innovator in the industry by including your voice in the evolving story of Indiana tech.

Our newsletter subscribers and social media following reaches 30,000 professionals, companies, and organizations. Additionally, we tell many compelling stories of Indiana’s digital innovation economy through our discussion series/podcast, The Circuit.

Make sure your team’s job openings are out in front of the tens of thousands of people visiting the TechPoint Job Board each year. The job listings of TechPoint member companies stand out as “Featured” listings, and may be featured in our weekly TechPoint Index newsletter. 

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