The ultimate tech internship experience.


What is Xtern?

The Ultimate Internship Experience (in person and virtually)

There is more to your life than school, and there should be more to your internship than work. Xtern is the whole package. Through Xtern you’ll get to work alongside industry leaders at Indy’s fastest-growing tech companies, make friends with more than 100 other Xterns from around the country, and experience why Indy is such an awesome place to live, work, and play! We will introduce you to people in a variety of industries and professions who help make Indy the vibrant and growing city it is, and you will learn how you can get involved and leave your mark! If the world of tech is where you see yourself, then Xtern is THE program for you. In 2020 BEFORE Xtern 36% of students felt prepared to work in a full-time role in tech and AFTERWARDS that number jumped to 91% feeling prepared to work full-time in the tech industry! "Xtern Day Showcases Next Wave of Tech Talent" – Inside INdiana Business

“I loved being an Xtern. I was nervous about it in the beginning because it seemed a bit too good to be true , but I had such a great time and I learned so much. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort put into this program, I loved every minute of it.”

Allison Hartman, Upper Hand (Xtern 2017)

Full-Time Paid Internship With Indy-Area Tech Company

The Xtern program places you with a high-growth tech company for a 10-week, 9-to-5, paid internship over the summer. Xtern finalists will interview with three-to-five tech companies for their internship virtually in November of 2021.

A Chance To Grow As A Professional

Not only is Xtern an opportunity to exercise the skills you have learned in your studies, it is an opportunity to gain work experience, to learn from your fellow Xterns, and to hear from and connect with industry leaders. “During my internship, I got the opportunity to work on some really cool and eye-opening projects in my field. I learned a lot throughout the summer from things like working on machine learning models, frontend development, data science skills, and more. Overall this was an unforgettable experience.” - Ryan Klinedinst, Xtern Class of 2020

An Opportunity To Learn How You Can Give Back

Through the Xtern program you will learn about organizations leading the efforts to inspire and educate the next generation of tech leaders in our K-12 schools and those that are creatively building a more vibrant community in Indy for everyone! Better yet, you will have the opportunity to get actively involved in this work through civic engagement events.

Free Housing*

Xtern gives you a chance to live for free Indiana’s capital city and find out all that Indy has to offer as a place to live, work, and play! Live together with other Xterns and explore the city together.

Application Timeline

Submit Your Application

Resumes reviewed based on campus and classroom involvement and professional work experience, and alignment to Xtern program values. Application Deadline: Stay tuned for updates for the fall of 2021.

Work Sample Assessment

The Work Sample Assessment has been inspired, guided, and critiqued by tech industry professionals. Approved applicants will be sent Work Sample Assessments to complete on a date TBD and are given six days to complete it.

Committee Reviews

Applicants that complete the work sample assessment are reviewed by a Selection Committee made up of university faculty and industry professionals.

Company Reviews

Applicant scores and resumes are sent to companies for application review and interview preferencing.

Official Finalist Day Invitation

Finalist Day invite sent: TBD Deadline to accept is TBD.

Finalist Day

Remote Fall Finalist Day will take place on Friday, November 13th.

Offer and Acceptance

Companies send official offer letters with details about salary, start dates, and expectations. Xterns review offers and accept or decline by the first week of December. Xterns must inform both companies and the TechPointX team. Students who are matched at Finalist Day will receive their official company offer by TBD.

Diversity Goals and Results


  • 2,000 applications overall
  • 40% women
  • 13% African American
  • 10% LatinX
  • 50% POC

TechPoint is dedicated to not only fostering the tech ecosystem in Indiana, but in a greater sense we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and equitable regional prosperity. These diversity goals were set utilizing historical program data and we will continue to set ambitious goals as we seek for our tech community to be representative of our nation.  That is why we are sharing our diversity goals for our pool of applicants for the 2021 Xtern Class, with an aim of half of all applicants being persons of color, 10 percent being Latinx, 13 percent being African American, and 40 percent being women

2020 Xtern Employers


Access highly-skilled tech talent through our college recruitment engine.

The TechPoint team will visit up to 35 campuses in the region and beyond to recruit the next generation of tech builders. Indy tech companies can rest assured that our Xterns are more than qualified. Students live on IUPUI campus together (pending COVID-19) and share their experiences working for your company with their peers. It’s a built-in marketing opportunity to help get your brand name to current Xterns and their friends as they go back to school and rave about what they did for you. We take care of their after-hours, offer housing, and provide professional development and social activities that create the best summer internship experience.

Become an Xtern Employer

How it works

Employer Recruitment

Companies can reach out to the TechPointX team using this form here, and we will also reach out to companies to gauge interest and opportunity.

Company Commitment

Confirm attendance at Xtern Finalist Day and share details of hiring plans with the TechPoint team by TBD. Xtern applications are being reviewed by our team as well as university professors and industry professionals during this time.

Xtern Finalist Review

October TBD - November TBD Companies review resumes, work sample assessments, and application information for all Xtern finalists to determine their lists of preferred candidates.

Schedule Determined

Companies submit their interview preferences. TechPoint team creates the schedule for Xtern Finalist Day.

Finalist Day

Applicants and companies participate in a full day of interviews before ranking their preferences. The TechPoint team makes matches and announces offers at the end of the event.

Offer and Acceptance

Companies send official offer letters with details about salary, start dates, and expectations. Xterns review offers and accept or decline by December TBD. Xterns must inform both companies and the TechPoint team.

Ongoing Matching

Companies receive continued support and matching if needed. TechPoint continues to communicate with the class of 2021 Xterns to ensure retention. Companies are encouraged to occasionally reach out to help Xterns prepare for the summer.

Xterns Arrive

The Xtern program starts in May of 2022 and will work for your company for the next 10 weeks.