A bold pivot helped One Click start a whole new growth trajectory

One Click took big risks that paid off following tectonic shifts in search engine optimization (SEO) that spelled disaster for many dot com retailers five to six years ago. Th…

Hundreds of new hires flock to Indy on fifth anniversary of tech talent program that started it all


Venture Capital Perspective: How important is company profitability?


City of Indianapolis releases 50 new ‘Shift Indy’ online services


IWiT Championship boosting national attention of local tech community, opportunities

In less than three months, eyes from around the world will focus on Indianapolis for another major sporting event -- the second annual 2018 Indy Women in Tech Championship driven by Group One Thousand One.


Will Salesforce drive customer success in the fourth industrial revolution?

Salesforce sees the fourth industrial revolution to represent profound change and major societal transformation, which will shape and shift how customers buy products and how marketers sell them.

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