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Invest in hiring adult apprentices and create a proven pipeline for developing diverse tech talent. 

Why Hire Adult Apprentices?

Traditional tech hiring has sometimes created artificial barriers that excluded talented, yet overlooked members of the tech community.  

However, leveraging an adult apprenticeship program allows employers to widen the top of the recruitment funnel to source, hire and develop promising individuals who have met basic requirements, and who are on a path to learn even more with the support of a qualified program intermediary. 

Apprentices have higher 1-year and 5-year retention rates than employees hired through traditional pipelines. Through TechPoint’s partnership with an intermediary partner, NEW, accelerated skills training is offered in the following five roles as a cost-effective strategy for attracting and retaining diverse talent.  

Adult Apprentice Roles:

AWS Cloud Supervisor
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
IT Generalist (ServiceNow)
Project Management
Sales Development
Software Development

Adult Apprentice Benefits

Access top-performing, diverse talent.

78% of apprentices in this partner program are rated high-performers by managers.

81% of apprentices come from backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in tech.

A day-one ready workforce.

All apprentices complete an 8 to 12-week bootcamp customized to your employment needs, ensuring they are ready to make an immediate impact. 

Hire only apprentices that fit your skill and cultural requirements. 

Growth through training and coaching.

Free up internal training resources as apprentices learn outside of working hours. 

Benefit from accelerated technical knowledge. 

Leverage performance and leadership coaches to develop future leaders. 

Who qualifies for Adult Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship allows your organization to more effectively leverage new and robust pathways for onboarding employees such as developing individuals who formerly served in the military, completed a coding academy, have decided to make a significant career pivot, or may not have gone the traditional four-year college degree route. The typical apprentice background can be described below:

° 18 years old+ 

° U.S. work authorization 

° Demonstrated technical competency, with an aptitude for accelerated growth 

° Prior leadership in work or school environments 

° Dedication and commitment to learning 

How to partner with TechPoint on apprenticeship:

Understand Needs

Discovery meeting with TechPoint team.

Requirement Alignment

Sync on hiring needs, technical and cultural essentials and timeline.


TechPoint-led custom recruiting efforts.

Early Training

Pre-Employment Bootcamp (2 – 4 weeks).

Selection Process

Employer interviews and hiring decisions.

Apprenticeship Utilization

Coaching, mentoring, training and support (12 months).

Your next hire is waiting for you.

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