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What is Indiana Venture Support?

Building a high-growth venture-backed company is no small feat. The fundraising process can be long, complex and full of unknowns. Our cross-sector venture team has a combined 300+ years of experience in industry, operating and venture investing roles. We have the most experienced team in Indiana and access to one of the largest networks of domain experts and individual and institutional investors across the region and country. 

Who should engage with the Venture Support?

Founders and operators who seek to build innovation-driven, venture-backed, high-growth companies in Indiana. Our team is ready to be that sounding board and provide industry and venture insights based on your business summary and/or pitch deck. Such engagement may lead to connectivity to capital, customer or talent sources within our network and in our innovation community. When founders/operators succeed, our entire community benefits.

Meet the Indiana Venture Support Team

Trusted, unbiased, founder/operator-first.

Ting Gootee

President and CEO

Mitch Frazier

President and CEO

Darshan Shah

SVP and Chief Data Officer

Frederick Cartwright

President and CEO

Dan Dawes

Sr. Director of Strategy & Growth

Dennis Trinkle

Senior Vice President, Talent, Strategy & Partnerships

Mitch Landess

VP, Innovation + Digital Transformation

Jane Dunigan-Smith

SVP and Chief Strategy Officer

Geoff Zentz

Sr. Director of Innovation

Ryan Henderson

Director of Innovation + Digital Transformation

Roger Shuman

Senior Relationship Manager

The Venture Review Process.


Upload your pitch deck and/or executive summary here for review by our team.


Upon submission, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation via email. Our team will connect within three business days to schedule a 45-minute virtual session with two members of our team who are appropriate for your industry. 


Conduct the virtual briefing session. In the first 15 minutes of your session you will run through your summary or pitch deck, and the remaining 30 minutes will include Q&A and specific feedback.


Within 24 hours of the briefing, the TechPoint team will send a recap of meeting feedback and any related action items such as introductions and/or invitations to upcoming events.


You’ll be invited to complete a feedback survey about your Indiana Venture Support Team experience.

Ready to Connect?

Submit your information and upload your pitch deck and/or executive summary for the Venture Support team to review.

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