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Elevating Industry
Enhancing Connectivity
Expanding Talent

Indiana’s digital economy by the numbers.

Annual Economic Contribution
$ 0 B
Tech Workers
0 K
US Net Tech Employment
0 th
US Net Student Migration
0 th
2023 Tech Venture Investment
$ 0 M
2023 Tech Venture Deals
Tech M&A Value
$ 0 B
Tech VC Firms
0 +
Tech Firms
0 K+

Transform Indiana from an emerging tech hub into a global leader in digital innovation.

Forbes 2023
Indiana - #1 overall state to start a business
PitchBook 2023
Indianapolis - top 15 global VC ecosystem by growth
CNBC 2023
Indiana - #13 America's top states for business
Midwest Startups 2023
Indianapolis - #3 cities ranking
Startup Genome 2022
Indiana - global top 40 emerging ecosystem
Salesforce Tower
Indianapolis - one of nine Salesforce towers in the world
Indianapolis - one of six technology and innovation centers in the US
Airports Council 2023
Indianapolis - best airport in North America
Burning Glass Tech Frontier 2023
Indianapolis - #17 cities ranking by tech worker growth momentum

TechPoint is the growth initiative for Indiana’s digital innovation economy. We accomplish that through expanding talent pipeline, enhancing connectivity and elevating industry.

Community events
8:00 -
9:00 AM

South Bend-Elkhart IDEA Week: Thirst for Innovation: Dive Into the Hydro Flask Revolution

@ Century Center
9:00 -
10:00 AM

South Bend-Elkhart IDEA WEEK: Launching the Nation's Leading Plant-Based Protein Beverage Brand

@ Century Center
10:00 -
11:00 AM

South Bend-Elkhart IDEA Week: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet

@ Century Center
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