“TechPoint Path to Equity in Indiana Tech” Series open to public this November

The statement we have heard the most this year—and one we’d all be happy never hearing again—is that 2020 has brought “unprecedented times.” The truth is, though, that the global pandemic has shed light on and exacerbated many of our society’s systemic problems, some of which have been with us for centuries. The issue which […]

Pivoting in a pandemic: the top 3 steps to take in this crisis

Jennifer Magley was the keynote speaker for TechPoint’s 2020 Xtern summer session closing event. She is a sought-after speaker, a former professional athlete and NCAA Division I head coach, an entrepreneur and a single mother. Her leadership fable “How To Be Queen” will be released this fall through Archway Publishing. Two weeks into my dream […]

14 reasons why coastal tech workers should relocate to Indianapolis

At the turn of the millennium 20 years ago, leading U.S. real estate think tanks were certain that technological advances would drive a great migration rivaling the Industrial Revolution in the first half of the 21st Century. Up to 70 million office workers were expected to be freed from traditional workplaces, which would inspire them […]

Reimagining work at KSM Consulting for the COVID-19 era and beyond

Pre-pandemic, KSM Consulting was a company of 195 people across two Indianapolis locations. Today, we are a multi-state company with more than 260 employees. As a growing organization that thrives on finding and implementing innovative solutions for clients, our work style is highly collaborative. Our people always enjoyed the sense of community that comes from […]

OneBridge expects employee ownership to help attract, retain tech talent

Employee-owned companies are somewhat rare in Indiana, and rarer still within the tech community. Out of 183 reported Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies in Indiana, only a handful are recognized tech companies, notably Cummins, Markey’s, SEP and Telamon. As of this summer, however, a new employee-owned company is joining the ranks—data analytics and business […]