Mira Award win had national impact on FreightRover’s business

Mira Award winner FreightRover had one of those years in 2018 — the kind of year where everything comes together and people take notice of what you’ve accomplished. In the case of FreightRover, an entire industry took notice and it started in the spring when the supply chain finance company took home top honors as […]

2018 Tech Year in Review

With more people and companies recognizing what Indiana has to offer, 2018 has set up Indiana to experience even greater growth in the coming years. Look back on what Indiana tech has accomplished this year.

Hour of Code introduces thousands of local students to the power of computer science

Locally, TechPoint Foundation for Youth spearheaded the Hour of Code effort in nine Indianapolis K-8 schools. From December 3-7, they engaged 239 community volunteers to help 2,313 kids finish their tutorials.

Cummins CIO: Diversity and inclusion require focus and a plan

If Indiana tech companies are going to avoid the highly publicized negative trends of homogenized Silicon Valley firms, they are actually going to have to talk about diversity and inclusion. Regular workplace discussions about diversity and inclusion are a necessary part of the solution.

Indy should feel the motivating burn of being overlooked by Amazon

This should be a galvanizing moment for Indianapolis to further the strong collaboration amongst our converged industries, organizations and companies that came together for this bid.

Tech’s great problem solvers are needed on poverty front lines

For the second year in a row, TechPoint has partnered with the United Way of Central Indiana to bring to the tech community three special opportunities to get involved and learn about the issues we face as an integral part of the larger community.

Agile Marketing Indy establishes an impressive tech foothold

A little over a year since TechPoint last covered it, Agile Marketing Indy has evolved into an impressive stakeholder in Indy's tech and marketing communities, thanks in part to several significant but positive changes that occurred in just the last few months.

IWiT Summit ready to amplify impact through #SeeYourselfHere campaign

With an active foundation, board of directors, local organizing committee and event management group all backing the week-long championship and ancillary events, the mission of Indy Women in Tech is continuing ahead toward what’s next.