How collaboration is propelling gender parity in Indy tech

Sharmin Kent outlines the rapid progress Indy has made toward gender parity and how opportunities like the upcoming IWiT Championship answer the clear need for even more resources and support for women.

The Speak Easy is a port of entry to Indianapolis

In her post, newly hired The Speak Easy Indianapolis executive director Julie Heath reflects on her journey to her new role and how important community is to developing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Indiana is poised to launch the “new-collar” future of work

Emplify's Nicole Klemp explores the shift from blue-collar to our newly defined new-collar job category, tech-infused skilled labor jobs that bridge the gap between traditional industries and emerging technologies.

Profitable software development: Should you hire in-house or a development firm?

In the tech world, custom software development is part of how products are differentiated. However, figuring out how and when you should hire in-house or external resources can be tricky.

How digital transformation is moving Indiana forward

Indiana’s business landscape is evolving and changing. The legacy, blue-collar framework of Indiana is being challenged by technology startups and dramatically shifting statewide innovation priorities.

Tech co-founder urges Indy to reconsider Bird scooters

This is a letter written by Shawn Schwegman, co-founder and CSO of DemandJump, sent to the City of Indianapolis to reflect on the new Bird scooters and the recent request from the city officials asking Bird to suspend services. 

IWiT Championship boosting national attention of local tech community, opportunities

In less than three months, eyes from around the world will focus on Indianapolis for another major sporting event -- the second annual 2018 Indy Women in Tech Championship driven by Group One Thousand One.

5 ways to increase diversity in company leadership and culture

As a woman, and the CEO of a tech company celebrating its 20th anniversary, I’ve worked hard to foster an environment where my employees have diverse experiences and leadership that nourishes that diverse culture.