Today we launch a reformatted TechPoint Index website and newsletter to better showcase the exciting developments, launches, fund raises and innovation happening throughout the state in the Indiana tech community.  

Longtime readers know that we’ve promoted a few news headlines each week in the TechPoint Index newsletter under our “More Indiana Tech Stories and News” section. But there is so much digital innovation happening, we needed to create more space to share more of it.  We now start the newsletter under the heading of “What we’re reading about in Indiana Digital Innovation,” under which you will find the latest news releases and news coverage of the Hoosier tech sector.  

The new TechPoint Index newsletter features an easy skim of digital innovation news from across the state.

Below that news, you’ll find our feature stories, the latest job board posts and community news. It’s the same kind of information, just more of it and in a different order.  

Also, to keep our Indiana Digital Innovation news as timely as possible, we’re asking tech company marketing and communication pros to submit their latest news releases to us via this link. We will strive to update our TechPoint Index site in nearly real time, so your news will be showcased in what we expect to be the state’s best archive of tech innovation news. 

This archive will be a comprehensive resource for the tech community, local, regional and national media, and anyone interested in what’s happening in Indiana tech and THE place the world turns for Indiana’s digital innovation news.  

We’d love to know what you think about our new format, so hit us up at and/or with comments, questions or suggestions.