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Recognizing Indiana's Tech Builders

TechPoint’s Tech 25 Awards celebrate the builders behind the brands we know and love. These unsung heroes of the state’s digital innovation economy take center stage as the community proclaims our appreciation!

Find out who can be nominated. This year more than one person per company may be nominated.

Learn about the simplified nomination process and rules. Now anyone can nominate!

TechPoint’s Tech 25 Awards are presented in partnership with IBJ Media’s Tech Exec of the Year.

What are the Tech 25 Awards?

Celebrating Exceptional Performers Helping our Community Succeed

Now in its ninth year, the Tech 25 Awards honor a prestigious selection of twenty-five individuals who are critical and exceptional performers helping to grow Indiana’s tech and tech-enabled companies, but who—not being the CEO or other top executive—don’t get celebrated publicly as often.

Growing companies takes much more than the latest technologies, and to drive digital innovation forward takes tech talent across all levels. That is why the Tech 25 Awards represent a wide range of roles within businesses, such as software developers, financial analysts, marketing directors, and product managers, for example, covering four broad categories:

  1. Tech Innovation Strategy & Community
  2. Tech Product/R&D
  3. Tech Sales & Marketing, and
  4. Tech Professional Services

The purpose of the Tech 25 Awards is to celebrate these highachieving individuals as a reward for their many contributions to their own businesses as well as their service in our community.

The 25 honorees are selected each year by an independent panel of judges, including past Tech 25 winners and community leaders, for their exceptional work performance, example setting attitude, and their impressive community service impact helping to make the state a better place to work and live.

An Unforgettable, Joyful Career Milestone

The Tech 25 Awards program has proven to be one of the most meaningful and motivating events we’ve seen in our digital innovation community because it highlights the unsung heroes—the technology and tech company builders who seldom get public recognition of their own. It’s a special career moment for the honorees and the management teams who employ them that brings beaming smiles and unbridled joy.

Who is Eligible for a Tech 25 Award?

To put it simply, anyone from any tech company who is not part of the C-suite may be nominated in any of the three award categories, and anyone from a non-tech core or tech enabled company may be nominated in the Tech Product/R&D category.

Individuals who work at companies that do not have tech as the core business must be nominated in the Tech Product/R&D category. For example: An IT employee or software developer who works at a manufacturer or pharmaceuticals company would be eligible for the Tech Product/R&D category. However, HR or sales employees working at the same companies would not be eligible for the Tech 25 Awards. 

In addition to being star performers and committed team players at work, nominees should also be excellent community contributors. The main factors the judges will be looking for are: professional contributions, energy and attitude, and community commitment.

NEW THIS YEAR: In the past, only management teams could nominate and they could only nominate one person from their company. This rule has been eliminated and now ANYONE—managers, colleagues, mentors outside of the company, etc.—can nominate, and there is no limit on the number of nominees per company.

Here's How to Nominate Someone

While the nomination process is now open to anyone, we recommend contacting the individual’s supervisor to loop them in on your intentions and, perhaps, collaborating on the nomination form.

Video Nominations Accepted: Instead of filling out the written form, you can now submit a video testimonial and bypass nearly all of the blanks! See details by clicking the Nominate Now button.

Nominating someone for a Tech 25 Award is not complicated and it doesn’t take very long, either. Here are the three easy steps:

  1. Collect information about the individual’s job performance, specifically addressing the criteria of a.) Professional Contributions, b.) Energy & Attitude, and c.) Community Commitment.
  2. Select the appropriate category for the individual’s job type or description—Tech Innovation Strategy & Community, Tech R&D/Product, Tech Sales & Marketing or Tech Operations.
  3. Complete the nomination form either by recording a video testimonial or filling out the written form online and clicking submit.


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