Demand for online education is spiking. How Indiana is responding.

American consumers’ demand for convenience has changed the way retailers and restaurants deliver, the way talent is recruited and how just about every business operates. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know there’s a digital transformation afoot in the education industry too. More than 6.6 million postsecondary students in the U.S. were seeking their degrees […]

U.Group is first “get” for TechPoint company hunting initiative

It’s no accident that U.Group looked to Indiana when the Washington, D.C. digital consulting company was looking for its third major outpost. Carlyle Davis, the company’s chief technology officer, was familiar with Indianapolis through a U.Group program at the National Football League Combine and work with other locally-based clients. Anuj Vedak, the company’s vice president […]

13 tech leaders answer ‘why you should move to or expand in Indiana’

TechPoint, Indiana’s nonprofit tech accelerator, asked 13 Hoosier tech leaders one question: “Why should a startup or scale-up launch or grow in Indiana?” It should surprise no one that the Hoosier state is chock-full of tech leaders at startups, scale-ups and fortune 500 companies. It was difficult to choose just this baker’s dozen as there’s […]

Want a new career in the New Year? Start here!

As the year comes to a close, many will reflect on 2019 and ponder what 2020 will bring. If your thoughts keep returning to the idea of new career, TechPoint has more than ideas for you: we have a time-tested program that could lead you to a dream career in tech sales. Eight different cohorts […]

Is Indy’s tech ecosystem key to Indy’s public transit success?

As Indy gears up for the Red Line's launch, a record number of tech companies have signed on as partners with this year’s Car Free Day Indy to support public transit.

Third stop of the Mayor’s Tech Tour takes him to Sallie Mae and Carbonite

Last year, TechPoint invited Mayor Joe Hogsett to go on a “Tech Tour” and visit with leading companies in Indianapolis’ tech ecosystem. On Monday, March 4, Mayor Hogsett continued his tour with stops at Sallie Mae and Carbonite.