DemandJump creates “Alec Baldwin Tool” and predicts the end of weak leads

More than 14 million Americans work in sales positions. When their success rates falter, they often blame the strength of the leads sent to them by the company’s marketing department. Marketing (also in trouble for weak performance) blames Sales. Much finger-pointing ensues. There may be no better display of this love-hate departmental relationship than the […]

TechPoint fuels growth and diversity through VC Speed Dating

Investment into Indiana’s tech community is continuing to flow during the COVID-19 pandemic, and TechPoint isn’t letting up on its efforts to attract more investors to the state. What is new for the tech community growth accelerator is a focus on building relationships with more Black, Hispanic and women-owned venture capital firms, as well as […]

14 reasons why coastal tech workers should relocate to Indianapolis

At the turn of the millennium 20 years ago, leading U.S. real estate think tanks were certain that technological advances would drive a great migration rivaling the Industrial Revolution in the first half of the 21st Century. Up to 70 million office workers were expected to be freed from traditional workplaces, which would inspire them […]

Bringing Tech to Congress

TechCongress is a nonpartisan non-profit, which was incubated at the Open Technology Institute at New America research center in Washington D.C., that seeks to bridge the gap between government and the technology community. It places computer scientists, engineers and other technologists to serve as technology policy advisors to Members of Congress through one-year Congressional Innovation […]

TechPoint’s S.O.S. Challenge yields promising solutions to problems created by COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upended just about every aspect of life around the world and has caused global leaders to question how to manage through and beyond it. Here in Indiana, the 500+ college students and the 200+ Indiana tech sector coaches and advisors who took part in the TechPoint Summer Opportunities for Students Challenge […]

Announcing the 2020 Bridge Builder Award: Vera Vander Kooy and The Stem Connection

Congratulations to The STEM Connection and its founder, Vera Vander Kooy, the 2020 TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) Bridge Builder Award winner. The Bridge Builder Award recognizes visionary leaders who are helping underserved student populations in Indiana gain access to experiential learning opportunities that inspire the pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. […]

Demand for online education is spiking. How Indiana is responding (Part V)

Editor’s Note: This series began before the COVID-19 pandemic. Response to the pandemic will have a significant impact on the number of students taking online courses and how schools are using technology to make coursework available. Indiana institutions like Ivy Tech Community College are well positioned to adapt to this new normal. The school has […]

TechPoint’s ‘S.O.S. Challenge’ to give work experience & $250,000 in stipends to 500 students who lost summer internships to COVID-19 cuts

Challenge capped off with presentations to Governor Eric Holcomb Thousands of college students across the U.S. have lost on-site summer internships due to COVID-19, but 500 Indiana students are getting a lifeline thanks to a new TechPoint program that begins June 15, and poses a real-world challenge to solve. The Summer Opportunities for Students (S.O.S.) […]