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Skills-First Hiring Experience

Take part in an upcoming three-session cohort to learn best practices in skills-based hiring.

Skills-first learning workshops and info sessions

The TechPoint Skills-First Learning Experience is comprised of three meetings for a total of 6 hours over a 6-week period with in-person and virtual options.

The final meeting combines the in-person and virtual cohorts for a rich peer-to-peer learning opportunity.

When you participate in our skills-based hiring cohorts, not only do you align with our Mission41K to inclusively grow Indiana’s tech workforce by 41,000 additional workers by 2030, but you’ll also:

  • Learn how skills-based hiring helps to increase diversity, reduce biases, and improve retention.
  • Practice updating job postings to be skills-based.
  • Gain access to online learning to share with colleagues.
  • Receive resources and community support to update job postings.
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What to expect from each session

Meeting #1

Attract the Right Talent/Updating Job Descriptions to be Skills-First
(3 hours, Week 1)

Meeting #2

Skills-First Practice and Change Management
(2 hours, Week 2)

Meeting #3

Reflections and Progress with Skills-First Adoption
(1 hour, Week 6)

Ready to join the next skills-based learning cohort?

Times are listed in EST.

  • More sessions to come in 2024 – stay tuned!

Times are listed in EST.

  • More sessions to come in 2024 – stay tuned!


Times are listed in EST.

  • More sessions to come in 2024 – stay tuned!

Testimonials from skills-based learning participants

Gain tools to diversify

“The workshop gave my organization valuable tools and knowledge to support clients, expand its talent pool and diversify. TechPoint is leading the way toward a more inclusive workforce in Indiana with their focus on skills-based hiring models.”

Kristi Amendola, VP of Member Experience, M2N Minority Move Network 

Increase awareness

“It’s increased my awareness of the many ways organizations limit their pool of resources and has equipped me with the knowledge and tools my team needs to help our clients expand their access to all available talent in the Indiana technology ecosystem.”

Derek Lawless, Director of Technology Solutions, Vaco

Develop talent pipelines

“From the content to the cadence, there’s so much intentionality that went into this curriculum. As a participant in the inaugural cohort, I foresee it being a colossal step in the right direction for matching opportunities to exceptional, untapped talent.”

Amber Chandler, Project Manager & Transformation Coach, SOP Evolution

Ready to learn more about skills-based hiring and retention?