talent retention strategy

How a Meaningful Employee Value Proposition Can Help Organizations Attract and Retain Talent 

About the author: Dawn Griffin is chief human resources and diversity officer for TRIMEDX  Employees are integral to the success of any organization. When an organization supports and drives a positive culture, they provide an environment for their employees to spark innovation, drive productivity and bring excellence to every interaction. To attract and retain talent for […]
women in tech

A First in the US: An Entire Week Dedicated to Celebrating Women IN Tech 

About the author: Kara Kavensky, CEO of TheStoryteller.Agency, is a professional storyteller, public relations strategist, author, and podcaster.  Women have been integral to Indiana’s tech landscape for decades, serving in various roles such as Agile experts, software developers, cyber analysts and process leaders. Despite making significant contributions to technology, women in IT roles and tech […]

Unleashing Joy: Celebrating Mira Awards Milestones with ICAN Therapy Dogs 

About the author: Jenny Massey is co-founder of FairWinds Advisors and Director of Sikich Site Selection & Incentives.  Entrepreneurship is hard. And stressful. And lonely. And it doesn’t always work out even with the best of efforts.  But when it does pay off, say, with a TechPoint Mira Award nomination, I believe it’s worth doing […]

Digital Fluency: It’s Not Just About Tech, It’s About the Future

The world is moving faster than ever. It seems like just yesterday I was excited about my first iPhone (it was an iPhone 3, by the way.) Now, we’re casually discussing artificial intelligence (AI) over coffee. But here’s the thing – it’s not about the tech itself, it’s about what you can do with the […]

Key Inflection Points for a Late-Stage Tech Startup

By: Scott Olmsted, National Technology and Green Economy Executive, Bank of America and Brian Smith, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America       Much goes into running a successful startup, but distilled down to the simplest terms, it is an exercise in fast, smart decision-making. Every day brings new choices, big […]

You Can Help Indiana Kids go from Coding Robots to an Indiana Tech Career

For Hoosiers, March is an important month. You’re probably thinking about basketball, but I’m referring to the VEX State Robotics Championship, sponsored by Group 1001 and powered by TechPoint Foundation for Youth. It’s an event that brings together thousands of students from across Indiana for a highly competitive robotics competition.   I look forward to this […]
Indiana Tech Jobs

TechPoint Report: Indiana’s 25 Most In-Demand Tech Roles (and how to get them) 

In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, staying ahead can seem daunting. How can anyone keep up with this rapid pace of change, especially in the tech industry?   TechPoint releases roadmap to those seeking to join and advance in the tech sector. “Indiana’s Top 25 Tech Careers and the Skills and Competencies Needed […]

Allegion celebrates 10 years as a global innovator with a strong Indiana history 

Recently, Allegion surpassed a milestone “birthday.” On Dec. 1, 2023, we celebrated 10 years as a standalone, pure-play global security solutions provider.   Today, we are the top brands in security, pursuing a vision of enabling seamless access and a safer world. And in a decade of Allegion, there’s much for our team members to be […]